In the Italian cuisine, the appetizers have a very special place and role. They entice the appetite of a guest who's waiting for the main course, invigorating the taste senses and leaving the customer crave for more... Try our tomato, garlic & cheese rich starters to see how much you will like it!

Main Courses

Being an Italian pizza restaurant, we, of course, have our front and center attention on one type of the main course only - the pizzas. We have a great many of them - more than 99 varieties, if we're exact. From mild pizzas to exotic pizzas to spicy or sweet ones, be sure that our diversity for ways to cook this dish knows no boundaries!


Besides having a variety of non-alcoholic beverages here, we are also proud of our range of true Italian wines - such as the white dessert wines and sweet rose wines that we have on our carte. And the Italian red wines are the greatest pride of our Wine Menu! We have the best varieties from across all of the regions of sunny Italy!


Traditional Italian cuisine is home not only for a huge variety of main courses, including such worldwide hits as pizza and pasta but also to a lot of famous desserts. Such meal breakers as the classic truffle cake, the pannacotta or the citron mousse are just the tip of this culinary iceberg!

We’ve Got So Much More


Just like true Italians, we give our food everything we’ve got!


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