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This simple, yet an all-time favorite Italian dish is what we love the most! We have a wide varietie of pizza in different size options – from mini pizza to a huge pizza!


Despite being a Pizza place first and foremost, we also value other Italian culinary traditions, such as cooking multiple varieties of pasta!



Though the French say that it’s their wine that’s the best, we are sure that Italian red and white wine is better! Choose any of our bottles of this drink, from Sicilian to Milanese!


Italian to the Bone


Founded by 1st generation of immigrants from Sardinia, this Italian trattoria has quickly become a local area staple. With an amazing range of Italian dishes of both classic and modern traditions, starting with pizzas and pastas and all the way to celuccio and annianto, our menu stands out! Come visit us.


traditional dishes

When we’ve been composing the menu for our trattoria, we’ve decided to put an emphasis on a balanced combination of old and new. So, we’re combining some traditional Italian dishes with some experimental recipes.


Haven Kloosternol 5

4322 AK Scharendijke


Opening hours: Wednesday-Sunday 12:00-21:00h


Call +31 (0)111 671 981